Coffee at YellowHauz: You are always at Home.

Truly in YellowHauz you are always at home. Here’s where I usually spend my time to study alone and wanting to be out from stress of school. YellowHauz is situated at V.Mapa St. near Mabini Complex, Davao City.

YellowHauz was recommended to me by Kuya Arby, my classmate when we were still 3rd year and we were looking for good place to do paper works. They are open from 8am – 12:00am from Monday to Sunday.

Study Buddy is Milk Tea

I’ll give YellowHauz thumbs-up on everything. It is the place where I should be. The ambiance is great. You can choose between the open area or insid the shop which is fully airconditioned. The noise depends on the number of customers. But every time I visit in YellowHauz, I find it conducive to study or make school projects and assignments. Plus, security check? Yes, you are safe because they have Mr. Security guard. Here is what makes me come back to Yellow Hauz. 🙂

The Open Area where it’s nice to stay by night. 🙂

Other side of the Open Area
Inside the Function Room

Standards? Yes, they’ve passed more my expectations. Free Plug-in. Free Wi-fi and yes, its way faster than in any coffee shop I tried and couch everywhere. 🙂

Food and Drinks are perfect. It’s affordable, delicious and lots of things on their menu to choose from. They have P35.00 for espresso and P85.00 for my Cheese and Garlic Sandwiches. They have meals, sandwiches, pastas, pizzas and pica-pica food like potata wedges, fries and a lot more.

Tomato Garlic Pizza for only P95.00
My favorite Milk Tea for only P85.00. :))
Rocky Road for John

Yellow Hauz is the coffee shop that I’ll recommend for everybody. It might not be that accessible because no jeep passes by that area but the whole experience is superb. I’ll give 5 stars for Yellow Hauz.

Cafe Americano for the World’s Greatest Lover

I hope you’ll have your next Coffee at Yellow Hauz (check their Official Facebook Page for more information.


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