Hello Starbucks!



Alright! Done with the Philosophy exam earlier this day and I still don’t have any plans what to do next. But most probably, it will be to study my last two exams for this semester. Yeah!


So since my best friend’s going out to study I decided to come with her. Let’s go to Starbucks.


There are already branches of Starbucks here in Davao, the first one is at Abreeza Mall, then the other is at SM Annex where we stayed, and soon to open will be in SM  Lanang.


So, Starbucks? It’s anywhere. It’s the leading coffee shop in the world. But Davao got Starbucks just recently when coffee shops are starting to rise everywhere.


So, here’s what I got at Starbucks today. One Cafe Latte Venti size to wake my spirit .


Cafe Latte


Starbucks, being the world’s most famous, set price on above average. Their drinks – the fully brewed tea starts at P95.00. They can demand for price because of their position in the market. At the same time, they have absolutely great coffees too.


Ambiance, yes, the usual ambiance I get from others. It’s just that a lot of people patronizes their brand. Customers are coming in and out of the shop.


My standards? They free plug-in. Couches everywhere and unfortunately, no Wi-fi access because they are under maintenance.


Couches too.


But what great on this visit, we’ve got free taste! The new bla.bla.bla. Mocha with Coffee Jelly. Sorry, I forgot the name of the drink.


with the Best Coffee Jelly in the City


What’s great and the best at Starbucks? Customer Service. I actually love how their staff treat their customers. 🙂


I’ll give Starbucks 5 stars for great customer service.




One thought on “Hello Starbucks!

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