Kangaroo Coffee Company


Heading for a long study day preparing for my final exam for Philosophy tomorrow, I went to Kangaroo at Tionko St. Davao City. Kangaroo is situated beside the OMF Literature where you can buy you most favorite Christian Books.

So what’s in Kangaroo? :)))

Craving for brunch, I order Tender Beef Kaldereta for P130.00 with free dessert and strawberry iced tea. 🙂

Tender Beef Kaldereta

Last time’s visit with my best friend was perfect when I tasted their native Ice Durian Mocha Heaven. It was absolutely heaven for a Durian-lover like me. Maybe one thing that makes me proud of the local coffee shops here in Davao because they actually placed durian coffee in their menus. (Not talking about the marketing potential of the new coffee flavor.)

Ice Durian Mocha Heaven

Kangaroo’s ambiance is good especially a must-go for those who want to get a vibe of Christian songs. I actually have the sincere desire to meet any of the owners who happened to found this shop because of their Bible sharing. The food is as well good with lots and lots of coffees and teas from ice-blended to their own signature flavors.

You can close the curtains for privacy.

They are open as early as 8:30 am to catch up those early birds. My standards? They are absolutely above the bars, (thrift girl here). Free plug-in. Free wi-fi. Comfortable chairs everywhere. What’s cute is they have this area where customers can close the curtain for privacy.

The price of the food and drinks are average ranging from 59 to less than 200. Affordable, isn’t it?

Cafe au Lait with Cinnamon

Coffee Shopper here, I never miss to order coffee for today: Cafe au Lait sprinkled with Cinnamon.

Senti Moments in Kangaroo

I’ll give Kangaroo 5 stars for today for playing my favorite songs earlier this morning. 🙂

For more information, check out their Facebook Page: Kangaroo Coffee Company


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