Saying “No” to Extreme Work Culture Article from CNN

In a short span of time that I was working, I figured out that work and life balance should have been our utmost priority in taking our career path. In my personal note, work must have been the thing that we wanted and the thing we are happy about of doing so. We must strive to balance in all aspects of our life. Relationship, Self-actualization, Career, Spirituality and Leisure. Don't stress and beat yourself up just to achieved what it is, enjoy life. We are not getting any younger each day.

Fire out that Frustration

March 24, 2012 2:24 A.M. Earlier that night, I read two emails coming from the American Chamber of Commerce, and the ON3 Pitching Competition. The American Chamber of Commerce is where I applied for 1 week internship in Manila. I received a rejection letter. Second, the On3 Pitching Competition, a competition where me and my … Continue reading Fire out that Frustration