Tea’amo: From this cup of tea let there be love<3

I actually abolished the idea of spending for a tea or coffee today. But as I went to the school and got an idea to stay for awhile with my classmates as I finish my reflection paper for my Philosophy class. I decided to go with them in a coffee shop. Living with the first-timer spirit, I decided to go to one of the fascinating tea shops here in Davao City – Tea’amo.

One thing that invites me to come here and certainly to come back here is the store’s ambiance. Here’s the cutest things on earth,

Free Wall to Stick your Notes and Messages.

Free Wall to stick all your notes and messages. As a Marketing Student, I find this idea very attractive the young market basically those who love doodles, colors and girly stuff. Talking about sound and smell marketing, they are up for the similar like other shops.

Comfortable couches everywhere.

What’s up for their menu?

Medium Sized Wintermelon Milk
Potato Wedges. You can also try their yummy PopCorn Chicken. It was Erin’s choice. 🙂

I visited Tea’amo for spending only P110.00 🙂

They have a lot of affordable and delectable food and drinks. It’s not the type of ‘hardcore’ coffee shop but they have plenty of milk tea to choose from. When I say affordable, it’s really affordable. the cheapest starts from P28.00 -their cookies and the most expensive reaches to not less than P200.00. They have meals, pastas and side dishes. Their milk teas cost from P65.00 for medium size, then P85.00 for large size. Different price is set for hot milk teas. Yes, you can choose for cold or hot milk tea.

Moreover, if are not a coffee-lover like me, you can visit Tea’amo. What’s great in this shop? Free Plug-in. Free Wifi. and Couch. (My standards for choosing quality coffee shops.)

Tea’amo is perfect for students would want a quiet place to study and refresh themselves from stress.

Great Packaging!

I’ll give Tea’amo 4 stars for this. 🙂

Visit Tea’amo Facebook Page. for more photos and their menu.

3 thoughts on “Tea’amo: From this cup of tea let there be love<3

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