Born to have a simple life

Hello there! Yes, it’s June already. I am writing this blog here in our home. Yes, I’m home already. I’m here for quite some time, away from the stress thrown by school stuff, away from the noisy big city, away from isolation, away from any worry and anxiety. 6 days from now and I’ll be back again to study. I’m  glad to always remember that I am left with 10 months before I’ll finish school. Yehey. Quite exciting. Quite anxious.

Honestly, I haven’t fixed my mind yet on what to do right after college. I always have big questions whether to work immediately or set up my own business, or have my missionary job, or just be here while sitting back and relaxing. All I ever want is to earn money and be more productive and most especially be happy. I don’t to experience a life filled with worry and maybe stress. There are times that I came to think that I don’t want to feel tired. But I know it is a fulfilling feeling to succeed after becoming so tired of working.

Maybe the reason why I can’t even have my plans is because I still don’t know what I wanted for myself. For many days of being in serenity here in our home, having time to think of myself. I realized points in life that somehow helped me to start my plans.

I wanted to live a simple life. For 18 years, I am always up for an extraordinary type of life. A life filled with high jumps and low falls. I find myself being too much involved in my society, in the people around me. I cling to many things. I raise myself to be with everybody else, to be seen, to be heard, to be touched, and to be felt.

But after everything I find myself happy of little things. Just enough to thank God for all of them. Just enough to call him for times that I am in deep troubles.

In the future, I wanted to own a house. Not so big, just enough. A pretty house for our family with a garden and a swimming pool. I wanted to own a car. One for myself and one for the whole family. I wanted have my own coffee shop. I wanted to travel the world. I wanted to eat a lot of food. I wanted to have big savings in the bank. I wanted to have my own little kid. That’s it.

I don’t want to be famous. I don’t want to be the most awarded person. I don’t want to be rich. I just want to have a stable, happy and simple life. Just few friends to share my stories, just sufficient money to buy I need and I want, just be happy with my loved ones.

I believed I was born to live a simple life.

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