First Day of Class Tantrums and High-Fives

Hello there! I’m back again. Yesterday was the First Day of Class. I am quite excited and more nervous somehow. Since I have afternoon classes every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I decided to travel back from home to the big city early in the morning. The moods are just fine. I and my sisters got enough laughter to share before I left home. My mom prepared by breakfast and lunch. I have less worries before I went off the road.

School’s out! I’m on the track of starting my long and tiring days. First class was awesome.  It was great! I am having my old fashioned teacher in Theology who’s going to class sometimes. So that means, I have a lot of time to give myself a rest. 😀 Anyway but that’s not the case, I somehow wish I can learn more from him and not just think of whether to be present on his class or no.

And…. who can ever fathom my stress starter? My previous teacher in my major subject who failed a lot of my classmates. (Thank God I was able to passed it.) Whooow! It’s the first day and she’s giving the whole class a lot of pressure. Proposals? Business Plans? Accounting? Defense? Thank God no more case studies, but say hi to more Quizzes. It’s the first day! am, goooonnnna die!

What I shared a superb battle on this day was in the late  afternoon, I felt nervous of being much expected to take roles of a school program that I never prepared and even think of. Rawr! My English grammar is always my weakness. I feel so dumb every time I am task to do fast speaking English, especially the slang ones. However, I’m forgetting this frustration enough to survive that day.

Hooray! My club is recognized by the Student Affairs Committee in the university. We can hopefully create a bang-bang blasts this year. No more holding backs. No more giving ups! I’ll try to reach the end with a smile. However, just a few minutes to feel the joy, I felt disappointed of the recognition of my previous club. A lot of documents were lost and honestly, I somehow felt guilty for not supervising them hands on of everything because I was busy last time of doing my final requirements. It is a thing that never run out overnight! 😦

Hours before my day ends, hooray for the last class. Philosophy! It saved my day. Thank God for enough wisdom to share. The class will talk about God’s existence and how faith runs our life. Moreof, I feel this class will be quite interesting.

Home at last! and I cleaned up all the mess! Tired! Anxious! Worried.

How I wish I can just throw it all up. But I wanted to know how to be stronger and braver. I’ll face it and let’s get these things done in time.

Thank God for another day. and it’s Thursday!

3 thoughts on “First Day of Class Tantrums and High-Fives

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