Fear of Rejection

Okay! So these past days, I keep on questioning myself why do a lot of people are so stubborn, close-minded and self-centered. I and my classmate talked about this and though we are not psychologists, but just as our opinions that these people we are wondering of has a fear of rejection.

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to be rejected. More of, nobody wants to be criticized. But they are some who keep their minds open and breathed in the idea why situations tend to happen like this or that.

Here I have researched something about Fear of rejection,

State of being of individuals who are over-dependent on the approval, recognition, or affirmation of others in order to feel good about themselves. In order to sustain personal feelings of adequacy these individuals are constantly concerned with the reactions of others to them. Self-censoring attitude that inhibits creativity, productivity, and imagination in one’s approach.

Driving force behind many people that keeps them from being authentic human beings. They are so driven by the need for acceptance of others that they lose their own identity in the process. They mimic the ways in which others act, dress, talk, think, believe, and function. They become the three-dimensional clones of the “role models” they so desperately need to emulate in order to gain acceptance.

– Jake Lawson, Handling Fear of Rejection (livestrong.com)

So there it is. I myself admit that I get a hard time of accepting rejection from others especially with regards to plans. However, what I always do that I might not feel so frustrated and I can still be able to control my emotions and momentum, I pause.

I pause, I keep quiet, I listen, I breath, and if times get tougher, I pray.

It is hard to know that people you believed that are good at you will reject you for some reasons. But we must always remember that there will be a greater and lesser person than ourselves. No matter how clever, how knowledgeable, or how experienced we think we are, people will really wonder about what you are thinking. Sometimes, they will even criticize it. Sometimes, they will find ways that it is wrong. Always remember every person is different and never assume that what you think, the other also thinks. You are not robots who are made of same fiber optics that functions similarly. We are human beings and we are distinct from each other.

I just want to share what my father told me before I started my term as the President of CLM. I raised my concerns to him that among the officers, I am the youngest but I am with highest position. I get to worry about myself because I knew myself as someone who follow whatever an older person tells me. I never allowed a single chance to reject other older person because of a wrong suggestion.  I was wrong. My father told me, I’d better forget my age, and act as my position. Criticisms? It is always learning. Always remember that you should accept criticisms because they are your greatest teachers. Aside from experiences, it is your chance to see how you should improve more.

I challenge you. Color your life! Life is much more meaningful if there are rejections. Remember, God has always better plans for you. if there are opportunities you wanted to grab and you are rejected, perhaps there are better opportunities God has prepared for you.

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