Baking is the sweetest comfort

Hours ago, me and my highschool friend hanged out at the mall and had a pizza dinner. Good thing I remembered to check out the price of an electric convection oven. Yes, I want to give my Mama a present this mother’s day something that I given much effort. I want to bake for her. But before I can bake for her, I must buy that kind of oven.

I am excited to learn baking because that was my dream before. To become a baker, to be a chef and to eat and eat more. I love cakes, cupcakes, pasta and pizza but I don’t know how to make even just one of them. I really want to learn. More of learning it on my own.

The thought of baking made me feel more excited to go home. I hope I can really learn how to bake during these last days of summer. I will make the best of it of every day.

So here’s what I want to bake:

1. Super Choco-Moist cake

2. Homemade Hawaiian Pizza

3. Baked Spaghetti/Macaroni

4. Cheese Cupcakes

5. Egg Pie

6. Choco Chip Cookies/ Butter Cookies

I need to make a check list of the ingredients and the utensils . Just the simple and easy to bake food. I promise to share it with you guys once I was able to make one.

Exciting. Yum! Yum! Will share to you lots and lots of stories soon. ♥

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