Homo: Freedom to Love and be Loved.

Just a few hours ago, a close friend of mine entrusted with us his deepest darkest endeavor. It is something that never came out of my mind that he’ll get into.

He’s a homo.

At first, I can’t draw my face on a wall hearing those words from his mouth. A person like him, who is manly, gentle and firm just told me that he flies with the same color of my wings. I can’t grasp every second. I wanted to wake up from a sleep that tells me his is lying. He is fooling me.

but he is serious.

Up until now whenever I think of the way he let me absorb every word he utter, I feel kind of happy, somehow sad, but nevertheless, I laugh. Really, I laugh. Not being offensive, but by realizing how crazy this world is. I even thought before that I can somehow get attracted to him because of his life’s principles. But right now, I am attracted at him because of his courage and bravery to tell me, my friend and to his own self what makes him happier in his life. Despite of the confusions, still he was able to conquer and admit to himself that he is something that I am too.

Hearing his story had opened my eyes, my ears, and my heart to things that before I even respected and later disregarded because of too much liberation. But because of my dearest friend, the stereotyping has been vanished from my heart. Thank God I was able to listen from his heart. Thank God for the opportunity for allowing me to see the real beauty of love.

People like them deserve to be more than just respected. They must be appreciated and even more loved. They are few in this planet who are brave enough to fight for what is worth fighting for. Whatever it is, I wanted to thank my friend for allowing me to see a deeper me, for opening my heart and for letting me feel and say, ‘they are free to love and they also deserved to be loved.”



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