4 days and 3 nights Budget DIY Itinerary in Boracay

I'm taking a personal challenge with this trip and even trying to prove to my friends that P10,000 is too much for a 4 days and 3 nights all-in vacation in Boracay. A lot of people I knew told me that P20,000 is not enough to suffice your stay in Boracay. They even added that food and water activities and even accommodation were lavishly priced and not reasonable. Hmmmmmm.

4 Days and 3 Nights Budget DIY Itinerary Cebu-Bohol (Updated: June 2017)

So for our second anniversary, we’re going to the Queen City of the South – Cebu. We actually had a very long time deciding whether to have a side trip to Bohol or just Cebu alone because Franz is very much concern about the budget and earthquake remains. Until 2 weeks before the planned trip, Franz finally conceded for us to go to Bohol. So, I am sharing to you a DIY budget friendly trip to Cebu and Bohol for 4 days and 3 night for TWO!

Friends Getaway, El Magic Beach Resort, Samal, Davao City

Hello there! Everybody's excited of the Mother's Day celebration last May 13. A part from the plan of getting away from the chaotic city, Me, Daphne and Lord planned to spend a night at Samal just to unwind ourselves from the stress our bodies are keeping while celebrating Mother's Day Good thing, part of my internship assignment was to … Continue reading Friends Getaway, El Magic Beach Resort, Samal, Davao City

Throwback OJT at Panabo and Tagum City

Hello! Thank you L'Oreal for giving me chance to visit Panabo and Tagum City for a day because of Account Profiling assignments. I am not that familiar with the place but I am so much excited to travel alone and take steps on the Davao del Norte's long roads. I went there last May 17, 2012. I departed Davao City at around 9:00am heading to … Continue reading Throwback OJT at Panabo and Tagum City