Friends Getaway, El Magic Beach Resort, Samal, Davao City

Hello there! Everybody’s excited of the Mother’s Day celebration last May 13. A part from the plan of getting away from the chaotic city, Me, Daphne and Lord planned to spend a night at Samal just to unwind ourselves from the stress our bodies are keeping while celebrating Mother’s Day

Good thing, part of my internship assignment was to visit Davao Central Warehouse Club based in Samal, me, Ate Cj, Lord and Daphne went there last May 12 to check the stocks and do our room reservations.

Samal is a 2nd class city in the province of Davao del NortePhilippines. Its official name is the Island Garden City of Samal.  Samal is now a part of Metropolitan Davao and is only two kilometers away from Davao City, the most important economic center in Mindanao. The city is the largest resort city of the Philippines, due to its good beaches, and it also houses many beach resorts, such as Kaputain Resort, Pearl Farm, Paradise Island, and many more. It has also numerous marine reefs and tranquil waters that lure the tourists to visit them. Because of these, the Department of Tourism named it one of the best visiting islands in Mindanao and now the fastest growing tourist destination in the country. Thus, tourism is the main source of income in the city. – from Wikipedia.

Here are some of the photos. Just a few pictures to help you decide if you want to go here. 🙂

From Sasa Wharf upon reaching the Island, you just walk to right and you can easily see El Magic Beach Resort, or you can either take a motorcycle. 

Happy Mother's Day

Daphne Jane Chuvs ♥

Daphne taking photos. My sweetest photographer

Playing in the sand like a baby.

It's almost 6am in the morning. The sweet breeze. The beautiful colors.

Early Dawn. Beautiful moon, I can see you.

The city across at night.

Lord and Ate Cj

Me. :) I so love the beach forever.

Good morning Sunshine

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