Spicy Fish Fillet

Spicy Fish Fillet

Welcome 2014! And I am ready to start my 2014 with some food cooked with a twist. My bessy/boyfie asked me to cook him something. They’ve got available fish in the fridge and he asked for fish fillet. Actually, the spicy thing on the dish just added up because of the breading. So, here it is. Quick and easy Spicy Fish Fillet.

Ingredients: Servings for 3

1/2 kilo of Malasugue or Tuna sliced thinly or for a better presentation, rectangular shape

Spicy Breading Mix, if you want instant, you can buy from the grocery. or if not you mix: flour, salt, pepper, chili powder(optional if you don’t like spicy). Make sure it’s enough to cover your 1/2 kilo fish.

Tomato Sauce

2 Tomatoes, sliced into strips

1 Onions, Sliced into 4 parts then separate each layer.

3 Garlic, minced

1 Red Bell Pepper, sliced in long strips



Cooking Oil

Salt and Pepper to taste



1. Add minimal amount of salt and pepper to your fish.

2. Bread your fish with the instant breading mix or the mix you created.

3. Fry your fish until golden brown

4. Set aside.


1. Saute onions until transparent, add minced garlic.

2. Add tomatoes and red bell pepper

3. On a separate bowl, mixed 1 tbsp of sugar (or depending on your preferred sweetness) and 1/4 cup of hot water

4. Pour 3/4 cup of tomato sauce to pan and add the sugar-water mixture

5. Add salt and pepper. Mix well. Add more sugar if you want sweeter, salt and pepper if you want it more savory, or tomato sauce if you want more sour.

6. Add the fried breaded fish. Mix well.

7. Serve hot.

Create new dish for your family or for your loved ones. It’s the best way to express your love. This is best served during cold days. 🙂

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