“Escabecheng Bulad”, Tomato-based Dried Fish Own Version

Filipinos‘ all time favorite is Dried Fish. Daing in Filipino, Bulad in Visayan. 🙂 Before, I hate eating dried fish. I hate it extreme salty taste until my mom tried this dish and I did my own version/ This made me want some dried fish at home. If you want a new way to cook your dried fish, you can try this one. 🙂



 Dried Fish ( I prefer this type of dried fish. I don’t know how it is called, let me get back to you when I know it already. You can have 2-3 of it good for 4-6 persons. )

Onions, Garlic, Tomato (The more spices, the better. This is one of the cooking secrets. SPICES! I prefer, 2 onion bulbs, 1 clove of garlic and 5 – 6 tomatoes, preferably red.

3 tbsp of brown sugar

Powdered Pepper

Cooking Oil/Butter



  1. Preheat pan. When heated, placed butter (half tablespoon) or cooking oil, 11/2 tablespoon.
  2. When you think the cooking oil/butter (after melted) is heated, brisk some drops of water to know. When it sounded, after it sounded you can now saute.
  3. Saute all spices, minced onions, garlic and sliced tomatoes. (You can add bell peppers, and other spices)
  4. In a cup, mixed the sugar with hot water, enough to dissolve the powder.
  5. When the spices are already golden brown, pour down the sugar mixture.
  6. When it is starting to boil, put the dried fish.
  7. Make sure to mix it well so as not to burn the spices. Keep mixing in a low heat.
  8. Add the powdered pepper, then some seasonings (monosodium glutamate) but just a few. (We will not use any salt because the fish is already salty.)
  9. Then garnish it with tomatoes on top and served while hot.

This dish made me eat more than the usual. I hope you’ll try it. Make the best out of Dried Fishes. :))




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