2022: From Hustling to Healing

We just need to embrace them – the pain, the downfall, the struggle as it may lead to REAL BROKENNESS. Real brokenness is when God is breaking all our outer shells – breaking off the shells of independence, self-reliance, rush of hustling, and all other earthly things that prevents Him from coming in to our lives.

Weaning is Winning

Weaning off feels like I am winning my long-time battle. The past 4 days were terrible. I was dozing off, nauseous and weak. With all the difficulties and anxiety I experience as I wean off, I keep on reminding myself that I can get over this soon. By then, I will no longer depend on anti-depressants to get me through the day.

When do you need a downtime?

Well from these questions, you’ll know if you need some downtime right away. If you get confused while answering, I’m leaving you with a reminder that give yourself something you will be thanked of and not regret of. Because no one – even work- should dictate when you need some downtime.

How are you, BTW?

But still I believe that this battling time will pass and my God, my family, and the people who only trust and accept me and my imperfections will be there to help me to through thick and thin. #fingers-crossed! #strengthamidstweakness