How to apply for a Chinese Tourist Visa

Chinese Tourist Visa is the easiest visa I applied even easier than Japan or Korea. All you need is to comply all the requirements, go to the consulate and wait for 4 days.

Here are the requirements that I submitted:

1. Computerized Application Form

2. 2 copies of ID Photo 33mm (wide) x 8mm (high)

3. Original Passport

4. Photocopy of Passport Bio-sheet

5. Bank Statements

6. Bank Certificate

7. Certificate of Employment with salary and hired date

8. Travel Itinerary

9. Confirmed Roundtrip Flight Ticketi

10. Hotel Accommodation Reservation


1. Make sure you filled up the application form DIGITALLY, have it printed and sign it.

2. On the photo size, it should be based on required specifications.

3. For your passports, make sure you have 2 blank pages available.

4. On proving your financial capacity, make sure you have an updated bank statements and bank certificate covering the past 6 months addressed to the China Embassy/Consulate that you are applying. On the minimum amount that should be available on your account, I personally made sure that I have more than enough money on my account with a budget of Php 10,000 – 15,000 per day multiplied by the number of days that I’ll be traveling in other country. This is what I usually set whenever I apply for visa. This may sound big but I’d rather be sure than wasting my money for applying and get a disapproved visa.

5. Make your travel itinerary with details of the places that you will visit once you arrived in China. Here’s the itinerary I submitted to the embassy.

6. And the most important, your confirmed roundtrip flight tickets. When I arrive in the consulate, the first few questions that they I asked,

  • Is it your first time to go to China?
  • Do you already have your roundtrip flight tickets?

Maybe you can show a dummy reserved flight ticket if you are a bit hesitant of your visa getting approved so you will not have to waste a lot of money. Though, I am not so sure of it. 😃

7. On the hotel accommodation, some say it is not required but when I applied, they also looked for it. So you can just booked through and find those hotels that you can easily cancel if your visa will not be approved.

Once you are now ready to apply, go to China Consulate before 9am. They only accept visa applications every 9am- 11am from Mondays to Fridays only. Arrange your documents based on the list of requirements they will give. Once you already applied for your visa and after the thorough check, the consulate will give you a slip with date and time when you will come back and get your passport with hopefully an approved visa. You will just pay the visa of P1,400 when you got back your passport.

My personal visa application experience in Davao was easy breezy it only took me around 10 minutes. Maybe because there are only few people applying here in Davao.

Good luck on your visa application! Hope this helped you.

Take a leave and go to China! 🇨🇳

2 thoughts on “How to apply for a Chinese Tourist Visa

  1. Cha says:

    Hi Miss Joberlyn, just wanna ask if they will be looking for BIR ITR? It is not stated in your post. And I am just curious because I was hired recently this year and I don’t have ITR yet. We are planning to visit Shanghai next year. Actually, we already booked a ticket. Can I ask some tips from you for my visa application? Thank you.

    1. Joberlyn Manaois says:

      Hi Cha! I have a copy with me in case they’ll asked. Just prepare a letter stating that you are new with your company that’s why you can’t provide an ITR. Just give it when they’ll ask for it. Just make sure you have bank statement and bank cert. 🙂

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