A Day in Zamboanga City, the Asia’s Latin City

Because of P500 all-in promotional fare of Cebu Pacific, I grabbed the DVO – ZAM trip out of impulse thought to help me complete my Mindanao bucketlist, so that’s P1000 round-trip fare. I have first-hand knowledge that Zamboanga has its local dessert called Knicker Bocker and the cheap chocolates and other commodities from Malaysia that are sold in there Barter Trading.

As the date of the travel gets nearer, I haven’t research yet what to do in Zamboanga. I am also hesitant to go because I will be all alone for a leisure trip for the first time and somehow, I am considering my safety knowing that Zamboanga City has inconsistent safety state. A day before the trip, I researched what can I do in Zamboanga apart from buying stuff in barter and eat knicker bocker. Later then, I thought of having a staycation in Zamboanga since my boyfriend is having so much trouble worrying about my safety.

I arrived in Zamboanga City around 1:00 pm and went straight to the Canelar Trading to buy some goodies. After which I checked in at Casa Canelar Pension house and rested for a while.

I went to Palmeras as suggested by my friend to try the best Knicker Bocker for only Php90.00. I also ordered Palabok because I wasn’t able to have decent lunch.

Food Trip in Zamboanga

  • KNICKER BOCKER (upper right): It’s not halo-halo that most of us might think. It is not also the usual fruit salad. It’s just Knicker Bocker. It is a mixed of fruits, gulaman, milk mixture and strawberry ice cream . Yum yum!  Bought at Palmeras for Php 90.00
  • PALABOK ala ZAMBOANGA (upper left): I thought that they served me wrong dish. It thought it was seafood pasta or what but it is Palabok. The noodles is spaghetti and the sauce is slightly similar with Palabok. It is generously topped with dressed shrimps and tofu. So unique. Bought at Palmeras for Php 65.00
  • SATTI (lower items): I told myself it’s simply bbq. I thought wrong. Good thing I decided to give it a try. It’s bbq with sticky rice and I don’t know it it’s sauce or soup. 🙂 Bought at Jimmy’s Satti Haus for Php 60.00

After eating, I went back to the hotel and rested. STAY-CATION!!

The next day I decided to take a look at the city. I searched in the internet and the accessible landmark is the Fort Pilar. All I thought it’s simply a museum. But is a worship place or an outdoor church.


On the lower right photo, I lined up in the altar to have a closer look out of curiosity. It was like during Holy Week where people touch the altar for healing.


I was also amazed how Zamboanganons also practice their faith. They offer first their petitions  and then light up many candles with different colors and whip the smoke towards their body or to themselves as healing. I also tried to light up candles.

This is the road towards the entrance of the Fort Pilar Museum. Unfortunately, it is under renovation and temporarily closed for viewing. 😦 So I went straight and saw a place where people are leading.


I roam around and saw Zamboanga Port and the Sta. Cruz Island from afar. I really wanted to go at the Pink Beach in Sta. Cruz Island. However, I wasn’t able to go due to limited time and for some safety reasons as advised. After I took some pictures I immediately go back to the hotel for my 2pm flight back to Davao.


That’s a quick wrap of my visit in Zamboanga City. 🙂

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