When the only person who can understand you is yourself.

Our personal happiness is not other people’s responsibility. Even our family, our friends or our loved ones. When we try to look for happiness from other people, we will always end up failing.

Our happiness is when learn the imperfections of life still believe that life is still wonderful. We should not expect other people to think like us, act like us and be like us because it will not really happen. We will end up hurting ourselves for anticipating that it will.

No matter what other people will say, no matter what the whole world will tell you, even all the perfect advices, it will be yourself who could understand your own situation. No one has the right to force you, to dictate you, to change your feelings or even to compromise.

Don’t push yourself until the point of losing your ownself. Nobody’s going to pick you up but your own. It’s nobody’s responsibility to feel pity on you and help you. If you are hurt, then you find ways to take away what’s hurting you. If you are happy then find ways to share your happiness.

Life will always be a test. A test of endurance and wisdom to prepare you for a better maturity. A preparation that will last until you drop down. It will test love. It will test your faith. It will test your patience. It will test you as a person. You have blamed God and asked him why is this happening. Just remember, that there is no situation given without a purpose.

If you think this life is worth holding on, then endure everything. If it’s not then, change everything. Don’t prison yourself on your jail. You are free and you will always be free as a person.

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