Swim that you may not drown.

I am lost and I am seeing no direction right now. After almost 2 weeks of being away from my base for a training, I felt hanging on a cliff. Sounds so exaggerating. But it seemed to be like that. I don’t know when I can still hang on. I am still taking all  chances to know why I still hang on. Why I need to survive.

It has been 4 months already since I started working again. Time flew so fast that I never absorbed all the changes that has happened. I have been to many places. I experienced new things. I met new friends. I bought many things. I gave to myself the things that I am deprived of. But I still long for something.

I may have asked to be away from home, from my comfort zone but the feeling of belongingness is the cost of every learning. Paying the cost of all of the things that I have is so much of a burden. But I cannot complain no more.

For now, all I ever think is home. I want to go home. I want to work near home. That’s what I long for. What I look forward to.

I realized that there’s no amount of wealth can equal the value of love, belongingness, friendship and relationship.

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