Fairy tale in Reality: Christy and Paul Saragena Wedding

One of my sweetest treats as a blogger is to feature a once in a lifetime moments of other people. This time, it’s Ate Christy’s wedding. Honestly, I am so grateful being invited to her wedding. Without hesitation, I gladly wanted to share it through my blog. I love weddings. I don’t know why but the happiness of the couple radiates to other people who celebrate with them. It was certainly a great feeling to soothe and share.

OCTOBER 10, 2013.

Once upon a time. 10.10.13. It seemed to be an ordinary day for other people, but not for Ate Christy and Kuya Paul, and also to their angel, Aki.


3:00 in the afternoon, in our Lord’s time, at Sta. Ana Church, a fairy tale coming true in a reality. I arrived at the church seeing the guests in their beautiful and elegant wedding attires in colors of peach with a touch of emerald green. Excited, happy, grateful and blessed. That was everybody’s feeling inside the church while waiting for the bride to come. Moreover, October 10, is extra-special not only because it’s Ate Christy and Kuya Paul’s wedding, but also it’s Kuya Paul birthday. Certainly, everybody’s up for double celebration.

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Isn’t she lovely, right? Truly on a wedding, the bride’s the prettiest woman in the world. I was totally amused of how all the details of their wedding came into one and made ito such a wonderful and grandiose occasion to cherish, perhaps like a fairy tale of a prince and princess’ wedding I just read on books. I was also so attracted with the motif chosen, it was so elegant, astonishing and classic.

Here comes the bride …


Ooooppps, not yet, this is Baby Aki, isn’t he so adorable? 🙂


You know what, I hope I can literally explain it well, what a magical feeling I felt when I saw Ate Christy was ready to take her steps towards the altar. As the door opened, the music playing, the lights, the flashes, the people, it was very blissful and fairy tale-ish moment. As she was walking slowly, Ate Cristy was deeply crying as she was waited by her parents in its midst. Maybe, it’s all about the sincerest happiness that brought tears to her. Tears of joy and love.


The Whole Entourage in Shades of Peach with a touch of Emerald Green.
1377249_10201262353178222_392799491_n-vertOur special group picture. With CLM and ADDU Alumni Family.


After the wedding, all of us preceded to the reception at the Top of the Apo, Apo View Hotel. When we say Top of the Apo, it’s all about sophistication and elegance. The place was so grandiose with all the colors, how it shun, how the light flicks, the music singing the hymn of happiness and fulfillment.


The newlywed were always in tears. This just means how special this event into their lives. Besides, one of the photos there when Ate Christy was hugging Kuya Paul so tight was because of the special gift Ate Christy prepared for his groom – a letter from his older brother all the way from abroad. A funny thing also was a video presentation of birthday greetings intended for Kuya Paul from premier celebrities in the country. Glamorous!

All else, the food was great, the whole program of the reception was fun and delighting. From the grandest entrance of the couple, the traditional wedding activities, pinning of money while dancing, slicing of the cake, wine drinking with a special wine parade, releasing of doves, special tribute to the couples, messages from the loved ones, everything went well and perfect.



To Ate Christy and Kuya Paul, thank you for this privilege. I wanted to say congratulations! I wish you all the happiness and success. I know well that you’ll become good parents to Aki. May God continue to shower you with blessings and abundance. Continue to love each other everyday. And may you live happily ever after. 🙂

P.S.: Ate, Salamat sa pag-inspire sa amin ni Regine and Madel. Hahaha. Invited na kayo sa mga kasal namin. Hahaha! 😀

Here’s a special part of my blog. My favorite photos of the couple during their wedding. 



The couples would like to extend their sincerest to the following who made their wedding extra-extra-extra special.

Gown: Wedding Bells inspired by Vera Wang & J. Couture | Wedding Ceremony Venue: Sta. Ana Church, Davao City | Make-Up Artist: Jesselyn Sigaya |Preparation of Reception: The Apo View Hotel Staff | Event Organizer: Theme, Wedding and Events by Leni Hernandez | Wedding Coordinator: Michelle Deles | Photography: A Photography by Richard Noel Amora | Reception Venue: Top of the Apo, The Apo View Hotel, Davao City | Officiating Priest: Fr. Renato C. Ocampo S.J.

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