Fairy tale in Reality: Christy and Paul Saragena Wedding – Pre-Nuptial Shoot

Who would ever believe that fairy tales happen in real life? It happens during WEDDINGS.

It has always been a magical feeling when a man and a woman fall in love. But it’s always the greatest feeling in the world when you already vowed for everlasting and unconditional with the person you always wanted to live with. But before wedding ceremonies happen, it’s somehow a modern ‘tradition’ to have a pre-nuptial shoot. Here’s a special glimpse of Ate Christy and Kuya Paul’s whimsical, magical and full of love Pre-Nuptial Shoot.

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I’m sharing to you a short story of how Ate Christy and Kuya Paul met. This is from Fr. Rene Ocampo S.J., the officiating priest of the wedding. “Ate Christy worked in the Alumni Chapel under Fr. Rene, and Kuya Paul used to work in the Jesuit Residence both is located within the Ateneo de Davao University. So, perhaps they met each other, got mystified and fell in love.”

Here’s the link of the video of their Pre-Nuptial. Created by Richard Noel Amora of A Photography: Pre-Nuptial Video

For the entire Pre-Nuptial Gallery, check it here: Pre-Nuptial Gallery

Venue: Gap Farm and Palos Verde, Davao City Philippines |Photography: A Photography by Richard Noel Amora | Theme: SemiModern – Vintage

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