What the Two decades told me.

I can’t still imagine how the 20 years of my life has gone so swiftly. I remember before I was a child, when somebody cared to ask me what I want to do when I grow up, I heartily say, “I wanted to become a doctor. I wanted to help those who are sick”.  Right now, I’m catching up the 20 years of my life. If I could be asked again the same question, I will answer, “In my heart, it will be the same answer.” I should be honest about it.

Most of the times, life in reality dictates for some dreams not to come true. Indeed, it is true that when you grow older, you take different stands and points of life. You’ll be walking into roads you never imagine you’ll be walking along. But no matter what came all along, the important thing is we keep living and believing for better days to come.

The 20 year of life taught me about life as a LIST – Bucket list, maybe To-Do List, Must-Haves, Checklist, Rules and Regulations, How-To, with bullets and numbering. Maybe that is how I  lived, quantified, logical, procedural.  And I became used to it. No one told me that the way I lived was wrong, so as for it to be right.

But this time, I will take the next decades of my life, I wanted to become more spontaneous, to be more free, more outgoing, more liberal, more risk taker, more adventurous, more of seizing life, it’s beauty, its magnificence. We are not getting any younger anyway. We only live our lives once. Numbers and bullets may be in spirit but I want to free it off and let go. Detach all the baggage I have with me.

Hence, it’s never other’s responsibility to make yourself happy. It is either you choose to waste your life tracing other’s line, or live your life crossing them, or living up and making your own mark. Go on! Don’t mind what other people will talk about you. Besides, whether you do good or bad, you succeed or you fail, they are just there criticizing you anyway. Remember, great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things and the least ones talk about other people. So, just do what you think is right, be true to yourself and to others and keep your feet on the ground!

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