It’s Week 3 and How are You?

I am reminded that I am no longer a student. Definitely, it’s real that you are more free when you’re a student than when you are working.

With this, how I am? I am feeling great. Maybe not to the extreme but on the learning and experiencr side of my work, I am feeling okay.

My week 2 might be kinda boring because I am already familiar with brands but then I need and I want to learn more.

The company where I am right now is composed of value-based individuals and the client that I am working on is handling most of the consumer brand captain.

It’s fun. Every week is a new challenge. It’s getting bigger and I think I am getting better somehow.

People might ask me if I am staying here for long. My answer in my mind, I am enjoying my stay and I still don’t know where I am going but why not? 🙂

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