She’s my Mama. (Happy Mother’s Day)

I am traveling back to Davao as I keep my words intact in this blog. I went home to celebrate Mother’s Day with the whole family and exercise my right to vote as a first time voter.

I decided to buy Mama a bouquet and a cake. Just a simple way for us to make her happy on this special day and to celebrate it.

My Mama has been my strength ever since I was born. She has been the person I always call when I’ve got small or big problems at school. She’s my best friend always ready to listen to my stories of friendship, relationship and my dreams. Countless is her sacrifices for us her daughters and most especially for my Papa for many years then. Yet, she didn’t mind all of these despite of the struggles that wakes her up each day. Of course, as her baby girls, we will never leave her alone during those struggling time.

Right now that I am slowly earning money, I will strive to give to her all the gratitude I can bring back because of her unconditional love for us.

We love you Mama always and forever. Just like Kae, I and Excel don’t like also for you to get old because we know that when you are in your old age, we might lose you. That was then ny greatest fear even when I was still a little girl until right now. But what we will do right now is to cherish every single perfect day we have with you.

We love you Mama. :*

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