Philippine Elections 2013

May 13, 2013 is the date that seemed to be a make or break for all local politicians in the country and 33 aspiring senators.

Anyway, my blog is not a socio-political explanation of the election. It is more of my experience as a first-time voter.

Pre-election, when I was still studying, I was engaged in a movement in our school regarding the monitoring of campaign finances of the candidates. I attended the trainings and listened to real questionable campaign finances of popular politicians.

Anyhow as the campaign period was passing. I was vigilant in listening to campaign tv ads of most senatorial candidates, reading printed materials of those candidates who distributed it to everyone in the city and reading blogs about other peoples’ review of these candidates. I also asked my father and some of my friends about their opinions about these people. Very tough though.

The night before the election I finalized my candidates. Still, during the election day, I am still not done choosing who will really deliver a genuine service to their countrymen.

So then, when we arrived at the precinct. It was at Dilangalen Elementary School, Midsayap, Cotabato. My precinct number is 0017A and my voter’s number is 104. Following me is my Mama and Papa respectively.

It was different from the situation in some precincts that are chaotic. In ours, it’s smooth running and silent. The teacher asked for my precinct number and voter’s number and signed.

I started voting. Honestly, I asked my little sister to take me a picture while voting. She did. When she adjusted the volume of shutter sound because she turned it on, I took a picture of my ballot. After it, I went to the PCOS Machine and my vote was counted.

When we arrived home, I immediately posted my pictures. There I realized after getting comments that taking picture was a “don’t”. I immediately deleted my post.

I really apologize for what I did. I was too overwhelmed about my first time. I deleted the ballot picture and never to do it again.

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