Malaysia- Singapore Day 4: Singapore – Cultural Immersion Part 2

Good morning Singapore! Similar with Malaysia, Singapore has late sunrise and sunsets. Work starts at 9 or 10am and ends at 6 or 7pm. Sir Edmund, our travel agent told us that he will be distributing our hop on – hop off cards that can be used in subways and buses. It is good for two days. Philippines has of similar kind but is only good for railway systems. As early as 7am, we make ourselves ready, comfortable clothes, slippers and water to help us sustain the whole day. As we received the cards,  I can’t forget how excited I am to visit the whole Singapore. I even sworn to myself to try my best to visit Singapore. I studies the maps to know which ways we should go.

First stop, the La Salle University of Arts.





We took some photos just for remembrance. This university was on our way towards the temple located in Bencoleen Street. I tried to blend with the Chinese people as they do the ritual. It seems to be awkward because I don’t know the right actions/gestures and worst, I don’t know its meaning.











Second, we walk further and saw the Park View Square hich is a very high-rise building.  Low customer traffic can be assumed to be due of its positioning as hjgh-class or its prices. Third, we further walk to Abra Street. If we have Chinatown and Little India, we also have Little India.











It’s lunch time and we talking some walk towards the nearest subway, we dropped by at Bugis Junction Tower to have dinner. It is a nice shopping mall and wasn’t able ti resist myself of buying my favorite J.Co. We took our dinner and took the subway going to China Town.

P1130170 P1130118 P1130122 P1130132 P1130133 P1130136 P1130145 P1130155 P1130162

In Chinatown, we bought several souvenirs items in low price. I wondered how many China Towns are already established in different places. We visited a temple. Because I was wearing shorts, I was told to put a shawl on my hip to cover my legs as I enter. What’s inside the temple was very amazing. There’s a lot of gods or goddesses inside. From Chinatown, we decided to go home to take some rest and leave our things.

From Chinatown to Little India station, as we arrived, we decided to go to harbor front to go to Sentosa because everybody else are there, enjoying Universal Studios.

We went to Vivo City, visited the National Geographic Store and bought a bag. Because of heavy rain, we can’t cross the waters from Singapore to Sentosa, so we decided to stay. With our hungry stomach, we had grocery at their supermarket. It was fun experience seeing a lot of differences from what we have in the Philippines.

P1130307 P1130208 P1130216 P1130226 P1130238 P1130242 P1130245 P1130250 P1130256 P1130261 P1130263 P1130278 P1130284

When the sky is getting clearer, going to Sentosa can be through the cable car, or the bus or through the board walk. We took the board walk, had fun at the walkalator and enjoyed the water sceneries. We arrived at Sentosa less than half an hour. We walk around Resorts World. Because we haven’t able to locate paths to go out, we had difficulty going to some other places. Since, it’s getting darker and still have places to go, we decided to go back to vivo city and we’ll now go marina bay.

While we are at the Vivo city, we are already starting to get lost within. We had a hard time looking for the subway station. What’s worst in our situation, we got lost in the city that we have been able to Jalan Bukit Merah. What’s fearful that time is that, it’s getting midnight and subways are closed already even the buses. So, we must be home before it’s midnight. Too bad that we don’t access or connection with our other groupmates for us to ask. We only used our instinct and initiatives. As we realized that it’s getting too far, we decided to be dropped and look for another bus going towards next station. Thank God we arrived at Bugis Street and proceeded to the hotel and rested.

Good night!


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