Malaysia- Singapore Day 3: Singapore – Cultural Immersion Part 1

What’s uuuuuuppp Singapore? It’s 10pm and we finally meet. I am soooooooo happy to see you. I never thought you’d be this beautiful, this grandiose, this perfect. How I wish my country’s like this too. I love my country and I’m loving you too so dearly.”

Being in Singapore was my heart’s desire. The whole stay might be insufficient but it’s enough to make me say, “I’m coming back”.




First thing we did when we arrived in Singapore, after wechecked-in all our stuff at G4 Station. We hurriedly changed our clothes to hop on and off and enjoy Singapore’s night shopping. Too sad that we went out late that most of the establishment are closing already. But we were never hindered. We went to Bugis Street to have currency exchange again. This time it’s “let’s spend money here baby” feeling. We had difficulty at first looking for restaurant to dine in, and last part, we had it at Burger King. Ate some value meals, no rice for now.





One thing I found in Singapore is that even senior citizens are allowed to go to work. In a positive way, it’s good that they are giving liberty to this oldies to maximize even more their potentials and provide something for themselves. However, in a negative view I think these old people need to take some rest and enjoy life not by working but by leisure.

Next stop in Singapore was to visit the 24 -hour mall. MUSTAFA! They said that it’s near and can be reached by walking. However, when we were there already, I can’t say that the mall was near. It’s terribly too far from Bugis Street. First night in Singapore was a struggle for two lovely thighs, feet, and soles. I learned in going to Mustafa was an opportunity costs of having lower rate of Singaporean Dollar to Peso exchange value. But I can’t do anything, I already converted my cash. Next time I’ll be out from my country, I’ll make sure to search first before getting into currency conversion.

A lot of branded watches are displayed, chocolates, compact discs, clothing which I think are counterfeits. Mustafa is a place I won’t recommend to my friends, for sure they don’t get pleased with its ambiance, the people around and especially the smell. Mustafa is located in the midst of little India. Little India resembled so well the Indian Culture.





After having some walk, we finally decided to go home and rest. We are in larger group this time. One memorable incident was with the counting pedestrian lane. Citizens, or tourists must walk faster in order not to cost traffic congestion or maybe accident. Because passing by it is timed, e all ran as fast as we can because we are already running out of time.

As we arrived at the hotel, group of Filipinos were introduced to us and recommend exciting activities to game on and places to visit in Singapore.

End of Day 3!

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