5th Aguipo and Marketenista Awards Thanksgiving Remarks

Every story has its own ending. Definitely days from now, the story of Ateneo Marketing Club School Year 2012 – 2013 has come to its ending. The story is long, yet emphatically this story is something that I, the officers, the members, the faculty and staff, the Ateneo community, and all of you who are present here tonight will be proud of and treasure for the rest of our lives.

So before, I express my heartfelt gratitude to all the people behind AMARC and this Aguipo-Marketenista Awards. I would like you to see this video of AMARC and the Marketing Program’s Achievements for this year.


Remembering when I took the post as President of AMARC last Dec 2011, I have this vision of seeing AMARC as a channel to establish a better market position of the Marketing Students not just in our university but also in the minds of every student. After the rigid revisions and transitions at the start, AMARC with the high support from the Marketing Program, is finally ready to face the competitive marketplace. Activities like sales management seminars, advertising trainings, case analysis workshops, corporate social responsibility activity in Manila and competitions like the marketing wars are just some of the many things we have been busied about this year.

Hence, all our activities and achieving AMARC’s vision will not be made successful with the efforts of these significant individuals.

The AMARC Members who have been very important to the club, students from 2nd year, 3rd year, and 4th year. Thank you for keeping your high participation and representation in all our activities.

The AMARC Officers who have devoted their time, effort, energies and other possible resources to share just to make all activities and projects successful. I can’t mention all your names but I know you know how much you have contributed to the club and I thank you very much for making all these great things possible.

To our very supportive faculties Ma’am Baarde, Ma’am Abrina, Ma’am Parreno, Sir Aguelo and Dr. Te, thank you very much for always being there to support us despite of our many glitches, still you are always there appreciating our efforts. You have been our greatest role models of achievement and excellence.

And lastly, to our Moderator, thank you Ma’am Marte for sharing your time to us and for allowing us to be part of your busy schedule. Thank you for inspiring us to become more competitive. Thank you for all the assistance despite of some times that we add up to your heavy loads. Thank you Ma’am for being our club’s partner in attaining our vision.

I guess the story was definitely long but just give me more minutes to thank the persons who made this Agui-Po and Marketenista Awards possible.

Thank you to all our participants coming from different schools who came to participate the Aguipo Awards. Thank you for your unending support. To our teachers and deans who are here with us., thank you for your presence. To all the Ateneo Marketing Students and Marketing Classes who took bigger steps by joining the Marketenista Awards. Thank you guys!

Most importantly, the people behind all of these, I would like to thank Karla Trespeces, the Aguipo Head for accepting the challenge to head this event. Thank you Ka for running the details of the activity, God sees how much effort you have exerted for this. To Paolo Dicipulo, for facilitating the Marketenista Awards. To the Category Heads, to the committee heads especially to Inez Alpuerto and Jon Dave Reyes for doing the logistical work, to Ate Shey Amurao for the creative and technical stuff. To our dearest judges and special guests, Ma’am Baarde, Ma’am Abrina, Ma’am Marte, Sir Jess, Kuya John, thank you for sharing to us your time this Sunday even if it’s family day. Thank you so much! Your presence means a lot to all us. Thank you to our Fr. President, Fr. Joel E. Tabora for assisting us for the use of facilities. Thank you very much to the Ateneo Grade School and its personnel for accommodating us here. To our caterer, thank you for the food you prepared for us since this morning.

I hope not to miss anyone who should be thanked of. Last but not the least, I thank Lord God for sustaining everbody’s energy until this late night. May God continue to bless each one of us especially for those who will be going home tomorrow – our participants from Kabacan and Midsayap, may you have a safe trip back home. I thank Him especially for guiding us for the whole year of fun, struggles, learning and memories.

Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen. Congratulations to all the winners and have a pleasant evening!

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