Sorry for the wrong answers


The supposed to be title of this blog is “Tell me what you have done in College in 1 minute”. That was the first question that I encountered during my final interview in College.The interview was conducted for the purpose of choosing excellent students in school who will be awarded on our graduation. 

I am writing this because I cannot contain the disappointment that I still feel because of what I answered. I felt so embarrassed. I felt like “I think I don’t deserve to be in that seat and being asked by those high-positioned people in school”. 

That was the kind of interview that I think if it was related to any job application, I will NOT be hired. I know the questions are something that I am used to be asked. Questions that the answers are familiar to me. But apparently, that moment was not a definition of what I did during my whole college life. 

When I arrived home after the interview, I felt so sad and sorry for myself. I called my mama and papa and shared to them my experience yet never told them the purpose of the interview. 

I am certain that the other nominees will receive the awards because I think they are more deserving than I am. It’s seemed to be so pessimistic, but if identifying the rightful person for those awards are coursed through that interview then I guess, I don’t have any chance at all. 

I know well myself. I know how incompetent I am during interviews. I trembled. I was shaken by my flaming nervousness. I know I was restless because of the activity the previous night. But my reasons are not be considered. 

But one thing that is so special after what happened is how my parents conversed to me and told me. 

‎”Don’t let other people measure you because they haven’t seen every little or big things you did. What’s important is, you did it because it is what you are called for.” – Papa

I survived March 11, 2013. Definitely, that day is when I felt so down due to restlessness, sickness and disappointment yet the same day that I am most thankful of my parents for being there and for always reminding me of the purpose why I lived and it’s to give glory to God. I may not be able to speak well the desires of my heart, at least I know I have done something. Other people may not be able to realize the worth of these actions but I know God has seen the work of my hands.

I may not receive any awards during graduation. It’s not important to me. What’s so significant right now is I realized how meaningful my College life was because of everything that I contributed to the school, to my clubs, to my friends, my classmates, to my parents and to myself. Indeed, a 1-minute answer is not enough to discuss the 4 school year of fun, memories, challenges and learning. 

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