Day 4: Made to Last Forever

This chapter seemed to be so fearing and exciting at the same time. We all know that most people are afraid of dying. They get too frustrated  when somebody they love dies. It’s human nature.

It’s human  wasn’t supposed to be part of his nature because we are made to last forever. We must remember that life here on earth is just a preparation and the real life is on eternity with God.

Knowing this, things in our life change. Our values, our thoughts, our goals, our principles are all altered in accordance to eternity.

As for me, this calls for a simpler and meaningful life to live. A life that will make God smile. This made me realize that I should stop relentlessly aspire for earthly pleasures but rather for what is heavenly. I should continue seeking God’s guidance as I fight on against the temptations and pressures of the earth.

Dearest God, I thank you for giving me this life to live here on earth. Thank you for giving me a chance to see the beauty of your creation and to experience blissfully its beauty. Lord God, I sincerely ask for forgiveness for making intoxications in this life. Allow me Lord to always keep in my mind and heart the importance of making preparations for a life to live with you forever. Amen

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