The Best Piece

You can’t be the best person for now to me but your presence seemed to be the piece to make the whole picture become the best.

Hello Phai.

Fate can’t be questioned now for making us to be together again. Every missing piece in ourselves are so meaningful as they lead us to see each other.

I can’t closely mean of how I really feel because of the fortuitous events that are happening that make everything within me trembling. But one thing that I can do for now is to be grateful to God for giving you to me.

Indeed, He has a very good timing. I know He planned for Mama to be sick. He planned all these challenges to occur to me and to my family. And He also planned for you to be mine right now – during this vulnerable times of my life.


You know how much I can be so weak when things become unexplainable especially with my family. And now, I want you to know that I am so thankful for having you for being my strength. Thank you Phai for always being there. I can’t stop to say thank you for the many times you have been there to comfort me and to keep those tears away because of worry and anxiety. This challenge might be unbearable to me, but with you everything turned to be so light.

Your understanding and patience to me are what I appreciated the most. Despite of having less time to be with you, you are always there giving me considerations.

Phai, the challenges waiting for me are big and burdensome,  but I know with you by my side I can overcome them all. Thank you Phai. Thank you so much.

Always remember that every day I miss and love you. You will be in prayers no matter what. Trust me that at times that you need me too, I will be there at your side and will keep you stronger.




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