Suppressing Fun Manila Trip 1/3

After checking-in at the Davao Airport, I immediately remove some of the heavy make-up on my face and untangle my hair-do because everybody in the lounge area was looking at me.

Rushing to Davao International Airport from –  what my friends’ jokes after hosting the awarding ceremony of the Marketing Wars, my Mall show in Abreeza, with my “not-yet-ready-facial-aura because I’m still wearing my full make-up and hairdo on,  I’m on board with Ate Shey flying with ZestAir. On the airport was Kuya Allan waiting for us to arrive. He was my Mother’s nephew that I can’t even remember his face. I just relied to what my mama told me that I met him when I was still a little chubby one.

While waiting for boarding time, I happened to meet our previous provincial governor, Governor Manny Pinol. (Truly, my heart leaps for this simple opportunity. Actually, I wanted to talk to him for a long time but I think it’s not the right place to ask about politics. maybe some other time.) I was actually just smiling at him at the check-in counter and greeted him a good evening, then he immediately asked for my name. I was stunned by his “political social lite” when he remembered my name and ask some demographics. Parents. Where in our region I live. Course. Year Level. Then, taking the chance, I also asked about his life. He’s 2 daughters both in the Medical field. (My lost dream!) Then, he told me that after his meeting with some senators, he’ll be back again by the next day’s afternoon. (Hail to the busiest persons in the country.)

At last, we arrived at Manila 30 minutes earlier than expected time of arrival. I saw my cousin and he accompanied us at the Kabayan Hotel where we will stay for the rest of the Manila trip.

Traveler’s tip: 

1. Don’t ride on a taxi in the vicinity of the airport because they will charge you of fixed rates. Take a walk for a short distance and look for a taxi outside the airport and insist for meter rates.

2. When looking for hotels, it will be cheaper if you’ll check-in personally or on site of the hotel than reserving via online. The cheapest room rates are not readily available on the internet. One risk here is if the hotel where you wanted to stay is fully-occupied then you don’t have other choice but to look for another. So, here what I can suggest to you, you may reserve prior to arrival by contacting the hotel via phone call or ask for a friend or relative to reserve for you. 

End of September 20, 2012.

Hello September 21, 2012. Hello Manila!

Catching up the free breakfast at Kabayan Hotel. Early in the morning I received a text message from Ma’am Gia regarding our Abs-Cbn tour. Being so excited, I ready myself and with Ate Shey, from Kabayan Hotel we take the MRT from Edsa Station to Kamuning Station. Then we drop by at Mcdonalds and ride a tricycle going to ELJ building.

Hello ABS-CBN! (My dream of working in this company is igniting even more.)

This is where one of the scene of Now that I have You was taken.

When we already met Ma’am Gia, she led us to It’s Showtime studio. (Believe me, my heart is leaping so high for excitement)

You can’t pass if you don’t have the Official Abs-Cbn Id to swipe.
When I’ll be back here I promise to walk into this ‘aisle’.

And here I am…….

I tell you, when I was a little kid it was one of my biggest dreams to enter to any of the Abs-Cbn studio. When I was in college and showtime was already starting to air on TV, I told myself that sometime, I will be there watching them live. When my bestfriend Elyssa get to happen to be there once, I affirm to myself that I will be there no matter. And yes, here I am…

It’s right in front of my eyes!

and guess who I accidentally met while having coffee?

DJ MOD and Dumbo and Joba. 🙂
With Direk Bobet Vidanes (Promise, grabe ka-pogi)

And inside the studio, oh yeah! It feel like heaven when everybody sings and dances with the rhythm. Pure Laughter. Natural Smiles. No pretensions!

The lights are my life in here.
Working with them is fun I think.

The Show is going on. :))

Very natural conversation. No scripts allowed.
We called Vice while the show is going on just to take a picture of him.
Ready Scorecard!
This is the best way to have fun!

Best way to relieve from any stress brought by the week’s demands. I thank God for the opportunity to laugh and giggle. This was absolutely the best experience ever.

Thank you to Ma’am Gia of ABS-CBN Marketing for accommodating us despite of your busy schedule. We hope to see you again soon.

Half way done of September 21, 2012. :))

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