Indonesian Fairytale Dream

Good morning August 22! Wohooww! Thank you Lord God for waking me from an Indonesian Fairytale Dream.

I’ll share this lovely happiness to you and I hope I can still remember every detail of the scenes. The setting were in our home, my highschool campus, a part of my university campus particularly in the chapel and the sacristy, a mini-forest, and the hotel. Basically, all these places were located here in the Philippines.

My dream started when I was in our home busy preparing for a graduation pictorial. While busy arranging my stuff toys on the wall, out of the blue, a guy from FJMA (whom I suspected to be a gay) kissed me and told me that we’re up for a relationship. (Wuhhhaaaat?) Then on my mind were 2 ofmy closest guys today that they assumed that we were also in a relationship. (please forgive me of these assumptions.) Suddenly, kaboom! My Indonesian crush whom I met in a learning program came out of the scene and told me that he loves me and wanted to marry me soon. He told me that he cam from Yogyakarta to marry me. Though seemed to be a fast heartbreaking scene, but I immediately talked to the FJMA guy and my 2 closest guys that I’m engaged. I wonder why it didn’t take me a long time to decipher and instantly say “yes” even though he lies in Indonesia and practicing different tradition. There was a scene when he wanted me to come along with him together with out friends. I was still busy that day but when the priest whom both our friend told me that I should hurry because my Indonesian Prince is waiting for me outside the gate. Together with my highschool friends, we dressed up simply and went to the meeting place. (Here I wonder why the scene seems to be so girly because all I see was Barbie and pink stuff). And there, we took a ridearound that place which I can’t figure out where. Then, in a scene where it is only me and my prince were wlakingin a mini-forest going somewhere. Along the way, I saw a poisonous snake ands screamed so loud. But he took it and told me not to be scared because he is there. We walked so far and talked so long, and we reached my college school. We meet our teachers, some Indonesian friends, relatives who are already dressed-up. They welcomed us and I was so shocked seeing them in different Filipino and Indonesian Traditional Dresses. Then one of my female friends brought me to a room and there a lot of people is starting to fix my hair, dress meup andmaking me ready for an “I dont know” event. I was excited and curious when they are all starting to dress me with an Indonesian gown. When I’m ready, we went out and I saw the place was simple yet very elegant. I looked at everyone and I saw happiness in their eyes. And yes,it’s my wedding day. We started with an Indonesian ritual and followed by the usual Catholic Wedding. Right after the a grandiose rendezvous with the persons dearest to us, we proceed to a car waiting outside and headed to the hotel. And there a new life begins to Mr. and Mrs. ….. (sorry but I’m not that confident to disclose the name of my crush. ). HAHAHA!

Anyway, it was a sweet way to star my morning. I thanked God for that. :))

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