Over the years, we seemed to look at this reality to be untreated because our country has insufficient resources to fund the drastic needs. Children from all regions have one common thing among them. They wanted to go to school. They wanted to learn and be educated. But the government can’t make all their dreams come true. Fortunate are those children whose parents can provide them with the right education they needed. Sadly, unfortunate are those children whose parent can’t provide education and even perseverance to guide their children and allow them to experience going to school.

Aside from this, even those who are given opportunities of going to school still experience unjust chances to acquire sufficient knowledge and excel. One of these existing problems is School locations. A lot of students struggle of waking up early dawn, walking long rocky roads, swimming deep seas, and go home doing late at night doing the same things. Students can’t focus more on their studies because of this routine. They are tired and they can’t handle the struggle day and night. Another problem also is the insufficiency of academic materials – the books, the conduciveness of the classroom, the number of teachers and many others. Students are badly affected of this insufficiency. Literacy rates are low because students don’t have enough books to read, and classroom to study and learn. Teachers are unmotivated to teach because they might not be paid fair. One thing also that inhibits drop-outs of students is poverty that resulted to malnutrition. Students would rather spend their time looking for money for food than staying long hours in school but hungry.

This reality is very painful. For many years of my different experiences in my exposure to different poor communities, this isn’t new anymore but my sentiments on this problem get even gradually advances to sadness to deep sorrow. I am sorrowful because I am seeing more children everyday that fights and struggles for the things that they must be receiving.

God, our provider certainly is not happy seeing His little children suffer. God didn’t dream and wish for these things to be felt by many especially the children who are dearest to Him. He might be crying seeing a lot of children cry because of hunger. As much as He wanted to make life fair and just, still human abused the freedom He gave them.

Individual greed leading to corruption can be identified to be one of the leading causes of the problems. Inequality and social injustice are also included wherein opportunities are not given equally to all those who must be given. No matter how much we try to make all people realize how important education is, still survival is their main purpose. Education has become one of the least priorities of many Filipinos nowadays because it will only add cost than gaining assets.

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