Disguising Blessings

Hello there! It was a long day for me! My class finished at around 9pm tonight. I feel tired. I feel stressed. I am uncomfortable but not because of the length of time I stayed in school. It has been due to the conflict insights I had in my own mind.

It has been fun during my first day in my Advertising class. It was challenging. It was amazing. I simply figured out the what else can my course bring out. I can never be thankful because I guess I have best teacher for this class. Interactive, very creative and at the same time, very open -minded.

Later in the afternoon, I was busy in this office. I talked to our director and mentioned the proposed activities of the club for the whole school year. Thank God I learned a lot form her stories. I even understand more and even deepen my interests  on my course – Marketing. A lot of people my own their business, but it is the Marketing people who knows how to drive it.

During my night classes, I find myself in my Social Marketing class interested. I am into a lot of social activities and I wanted how I can be able to do more.

However, my last class disappointed me more than the other that interests me. I will be using the same book with what we used when I was 2nd year. In short, i’ll be learning it again. The fact that I learned it already, and will learn it again will somehow perceived to be wasting time. I want to learn more and not to learn again.

Anyway, I still feel unrelieved of this stuff. Somehow, I see myself lost of just leaning on it alone without seeing the other perspective. I’m asking myself i’m this was just a blessing in disguise because the teacher can give higher grades. Oh c’mon, grades can’t be weighed equal with learning. I may sound hypocrite of not wanting high grades but I wanted to learn and understand more.

Maybe, I should think of accepting things as challenges. I will try to understand things unselfishly.

and, I will try to know the answer of my question, why. :l


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