I am your One day Promo Girl

Hello ! I missed to post yesterday because my internet connection was shut down. And I’m posting right now. Yihaaa!

It was my 2nd day of formal duty. I was deployed at Gaisano Grand Digos, it’s almost 1 hour and 30 minutes away from the city. I left our school by 10:00 am and arrived at the terminal around 10:20. The bus left the city by 11:00 A.M. and I arrived at Digos just time, 12:00 noon. I was supposed to start my immersion by 12nn and end by 5pm. Good thing the store manager, Sir Jay was having his lunch break, I was instructed to go back by around 1 pm.

Originally, I was assigned at Gaisano Panabo, but I don’t even know the place, most especially how to get there. So I asked my classmate that we’ll exchange workplace assignments since my relatives are in Digos and they can accommodate me with something. I had my lunch in the house. We talked for a few minutes with my pretty Aunties and cousins too.

Ready for Duty Ma’am! A few minutes after 1pm I arrived at the Grand Mall and waited for the store manager. And there he is. He oriented me about L’Oreal. I got fascinated that he’s still very young yet he is already a store manager of the supermarket. He told me that there’s a Brand Ambassador of L’Oreal in the mall and she could assist me with some of my work.

Work starts now. At first, I really don’t know what to do. Some customers where asking me about other brands and I really don’t know what to respond. Good thing some promo dicers are welcoming and asked me, that’s why I had a chance to talk by answering some of their questions. And yehey! My Newest working partner arrived. It is Ate Michel.

I listened to her stories. Around 3:30 after standing and wiping all the dust away, my feet already hurts. I am feeling so tired and restless for standing for a long time. I then wondered how Ate Michel and other promo girls able were able to get used to it, or how do their feet able to surpass each day of about 8 hours of standing.

Ate Michel told me,”Are your feet tired already? Come on, sit down for a while. Just pretend you’re fixing the products on the lowest shelf so your feet can rest. Just like you, during my first day at work, I really feel so tired. My feet hurts too much. I always asked for massage from my husband every time I went home. But later on, I’d get used to it.”

She even shared that she’s earning 400 pesos a day for her work. She earns P1,200 per week because she only works for 3 days – Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I asked her, how about the others? Those who are working for the mall itself. “They are earning the minimum wage. You know, I feel blessed because I am working with Manila rate pay. I worked from 9:30AM – 7:30 PM. But them, they are working from 9:00 AM – 8:30PM and earning 286 a day. Worst, they are subject for lay-off after a month or two”.

I even got bothered more when it was around 4pm. I almost finish doing all the stuff, cleaning, arranging, selling and asking customers of their insights. I am losing work to do. I get bored. Then I wondered, how do these promo dicers was able to kill boredom. Ate Michel told me, “We just talked to others, take humor talks about the products, have fun with the customers. We enjoyed every day in our work.”

Wow, it was really amazing. I realized that there will be no work that requires nothing but hard work , patience, perseverance, passion and dedication. When you make money as your motivation, then you’ll get to feel bad everyday with your work because of tiredness you might see it unfair with the low pay you received.. But then again, the great examples were them. Yes, I can say that they may have low salary but I’m glad that they are enjoying their lives while working. She even added, “Here, we helped together. Especially if one of us are getting a hard time to finish his/her tasks and she is left with a few minutes to finish it, then we work as a team.”

I always thanked God for giving me opportunities to see the world in reality, how hard it is to work, how hard it is to have money, how hard it is to sacrifice for your loved ones, and how painful it is in every rejection that you receive from a customer.

Oh well. Thank you Ateneo for giving me such experience. Thank you L’Oreal for the learning. Thank you Ate Michel for all the realizations.

The day was tiring but all worth it.

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