Salesmanship Test: L’Oreal

It’s the first fieldwork for my internship. We had selling of Promo Packs of L’Oreal Total Repair 5 shampoo. I and Lord are assigned in Agdao district including R. Castillo. We must sell a total of 120 packs inclusive of 60 packs of Shampoo and 60 packs of Conditioner.

Here’s a definitely FRESH start of out-of-our-thinking can be a super stressful day. We took lunch at the Food court. Everyone seems to be excited, strategic and competitive perhaps.

Then, we went to the Distributor and get the stocks. At Jomat Bldg, in front of Davao Central Warehouse, Lanang, Davao City

It was so hot earlier this morning. The rays are too painful as it hit our skins. I met Sir Eugene Tan and Sir Dan if I could remember, the owner and General Manager of that Distributor. The people out there are very kind and welcoming. They asked us what are going to do for the whole day. They even cheered us to have fun.

It was a very very long day walking along the streets and asking for Sari-sari store owners to buy our product. We have gathered more insights than more sales. HAHA!

There was a very very long story behind our whole day. But I just don’t want to miss a chance to tell you guys, that being a SALESPERSON isn’t really easy. As consumers/shoppers, salespersons see everyone as kings and queens that need to be pleased. But this doesn’t mean that we should be cruel at them. Let them speak, let them explain, if you really don’t want to buy the product, give them an idea  what are the things that they should do after for improvement. Besides, it will be lighter at their part because at least they gained something from their kings and queens.

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