Finding Happiness

June 12, 2009 – BLOGSPOT


It’s been already a long time ago since I’d find him, get along with him, and spend a part of me life with him. But now, where starting to get worse everyday that life gets through on us. I used to cry at any time of the day because of him. People tend to tell me of freaking out because of him. But why? Isn’t that right ? I’m just getting into my emotions of loving him a lot that whenever we get worse I just don’t know what to do but cry. But, in every time I wake up, suddenly a thought comes to my mind, keep telling me to stop being that foolish girl loving a man who does not even love me the same way I’d loved him. Some says, ‘stupidity’ is occurring on me now.. and how come …

There’s this another person who tend to get close of me. Try to comfort me at times of frustration and downfall. whew! I’m afraid of getting involved with him. I’m afraid that whenever the time comes I get along with my life by myself, and when I got to involved with him, I will be thinking of my past. So confusing for now .. so much ..

And besides, I’m on for school now. Meeting new friends and having a lot of goodies. And, I’d love the life I have for now, get my life by myself in Davao. Managing my own self. And feels good that I’m ok with my life now.
Just being good.

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