I’ve Found it

June 27, 2009 – BLOGSPOT


For all of my life, I’ve found now the thing that I was looking for. The challenge that I know will bring out he best of me. The thing that I know will surely define everything of me, at all aspects, at all matters, at all parts. The strengths I possess, the weakness I have, and even the things that I know is best for me yet, is the worst of me or perhaps, the reverse thing it does.

As I first step on the place that I know will become my second home, I’ve got this fear and fright, that some time along, I’d get so difficult and made to a point of already giving up. And yes, it really happen, even at the shortest time of staying there, I’ve felt so much trembling on it. At every word I encounter, at any problem and especially at every person I’d met.

At first, its nice to know that there are still a lot of people who would care to know you even if you look like a stranger of such place, even if you are looking so different above everybody else in that group of people. But, you should never trust anyone, even if he would really look as someone that can be trusted. People is very different from each other. Yes, it is. They make treat you good at first and treat you bad until the end. You will never expect everything that going between everybody else that you’d never know since before. What I’ve realized ? There’s no one that I compare to my old friends, and they are the best among all people in the world. For now, I don’t get along that well on people that I’ve never knew that well.

Till next time …

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