Undying Passion

May 19, 2009 – BLOGSPOT

A lifetime happiness would never be found when you’re alone, when you get to travel life in your ways, your thoughts and your own actions. Taking everything of life with your own decisions. Life becomes terribly unwell when you live as an individual, living from the care of other people That when everything seems bad that only you can fix for every thing that is broken.

But then, along this long life, you’ll gonna find someone, who will become a part of your life, who will gonna take his time and attention to lend to you and grasp you in every minute that life crosses for the both of you. He will be that someone that would care you like nobody else does. Someone that is willing to sacrifice everything, for you to experience and live life to the fullest with happiness that you were really looking for. Someone you could share the finest laughters you’ve treasured most and those valuable tears that roll down from your eyes that would suddenly gone and dries up as he wipes all of it. Giving you all of his hanky for him to wipe your tears whenever you cry whenever he is not around.

A loving feeling that whenever you want to run and escape the reality of life, there is that someone you could always rely on and together, both of you shout and conquers the whole world. Running under the big and small drops of water in the cold climate, playing and reminiscing the green fields. Having a lot of fun in the mud while throwing water with each other. And whenever his there, it is a very nice feeling sitting beside each other, holding each others’ hand and talking all times you’ve spent and telling each other how much you loved him and her. And its good to know that whenever the road of life gets tougher, both of you, hand in hand, taking time to fix and straighten the crooked road.

But there are these times, destiny tests the strength of love and commitment you’ve been sharing, when it gets to the point that its between you and him against the whole world. But then, you’ve still made for it and prove the whole world that there is no greater than the world could separate the both of you. It is then a battle of the both of you with God as your guide in rival of the whole world. Sometimes, it feels like giving up, but they should not, because there is no greater thing that could ever defeat the love that you’ve been sharing for someone. But above all, it is just between you and him, taking everything that world gives and treasure, living it to the fullness.

Life would be very nice when you just try to follow your heart, think wisely, give your best and learning to love the REST.

♥♥ I LOvE my !eyded ♥♥

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