Dearest Papa,

Papa God, you have been always at my side.

Papa God, you are always there and never abandoned me even in a single moment.
Papa God, at times I feel so uncomfortable and anxious, you were there.
Papa God, in every time I call you, you always come and hear my fears.

Papa God, you the dearest thing that I could never replace.
Papa God, you are my treasure that I always cherish.
Papa God, you are the most important person that I always bow down.
Papa God, you are whom I loved so much from the deepest corners of my heart.

My Father, My Creator, My Best Friend, My Angel, My Guardian, My Savior, My Love of my Life.
How I wanted to sing praises for you for the rest of my life.
How I ever wished to see you face to face.
How I ever prayed to feel your presence and touch your hands with mine.

Lord, my dearest Father, words are not enough to tell you how much I’m grateful for you.
Countless are you wondrous works to me that I am not deserving to have them all.
At times of happiness, you are there sharing a smile with me.
At times of sorrow, you are there wiping my tears away.

Thank you Lord. Thank You my Father.
For at times of grievance and pain,
You have always strengthened and empowered me all the way.
And above this all,
I will and must always say, it is always You who lives in me and not myself alone.

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