Just a Lazy Sunday

I am in to diminishing pressures in my life. I stopped most of my involvements. Carry away all those stress that made me sick for so long. Here I am on a cold Sunday morning, lying in my bed while everything around my room is a mess.

But one thing I never regret on being like this in a Sunday morning is lie down, I’m with laptop, and I started this blog. I never made even more productive such as this one while roaming around in the internet. I have my WordPress now and I bet I can keep on fulfilling my dream for the book I want to published.

Anyhow, I’m happy that I am already in the peace I almost longed for like a year. For a year that I went out 7 days a week, I may be home but just stay for a maximum of 5 hours just to sleep and even lie down.

I am not being irresponsible nor being much on being a lazy person. I just want my body and soul to savor the rest that I needed to recharge my body. Thank God for a good weather that made me even become lazier.

The thing is, there just some time that we need to stop from all the worries in this world. Pause for a moment, think! Reminisce your past. Savor the present! Prepare for the future! Laziness is different from resting. Even Laziness is different from giving yourself a time you deserve!

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