You never let me go

Running here and there,
I just don’t know where I am going.
Doing this and that,
I just don’t know what should I do.
Talking to him and her.
I just don’t know what I must talk to.
Worrying why and how.
I just don’t know why things happen.
I just don’t know them all.
But you are always there hearing me call.
I sometimes ran away.
I sometimes don’t stay.
But you, My Father.
Don’t let me cry and falter.
I let go of you.
I passed by you.
But you hold me tight.
Saying how much you want me to feel your unending love.
I don’t believe to what you’ve said.
But still you never let me go.
You kept on holding me.
You kept on running to me.
Which I know, I must do for you.
Which I know, you must not do.
Lucky I am amongst the others.
Lucky having you as my Father.
Having you as my friend.
Having you till the end.
Papa God, i’m so sorry for everything. For causing you too much pain. For allowing myself to hurt other people. For hurting you. Sorry Papa God. 😦

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