Little things create BIG things.

In my 17 years of existence, I am happy to know that I have been through a lot of incomparable experiences. Experiences not just those that can be forgotten if time passes by, but experiences that remained in my memory, not only to my own, but also to other people.

Yes! To other people. We live in this world doing things wherein at all circumstances, other people are affected.

I, with my passion and service, take a part of my time to God. For many people, this sounds so “corny”. But for me, this becomes the line that I always wanted to hear and say. But whatever they will say, these never stops me to do what I loved. To do what I loved. Prayer and service to God have already became a part of my life. Without them, living would just become existing.

Because of this, I won’t miss any chance to thanking God for allowing me to see the sunrise in each passing day. I try not to fail in my commitment in serving God during masses. And if I am in my hometown, I will try my best to sing praises for Him until the end of my voice.

These little things create big things to myself. This makes me feel secured and accompanied by Someone that I may never see but his being absent physically can’t equal his presence within me. He never let me feel that I am alone living in this big city.

But these little things create bigger things to others. Last Wednesday, I received letters from my friends. I never think of reading such letters. It was not in my mind that I made God smile with my simple little things. It also made me feel so delighted knowing that those little things have touched other people’s heart to do the same. I never thought that with my living, I can also inspire others to do things that can make God smile even more.

We may not be aware that our little things had already touched other people’s lives, that in our little things we make other people happy, we make our Father smile. Now, we are called to do even just little things, just the little ones, because little things create big things to others.

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