Leaders are not born with the greatest power.

Many leaders of today are said to be born. Many leaders of today are said to be the most powerful. Many leaders of today are said to take all the jurisdiction. But are these all what many leaders should said to be?

Since I was still in grade school, I am already into different activities that uncovers the leadership skill that I have. Stepping into High School, I have undergone into various exposures, significant seminars and trainings that strengthen and enriched my capabilities. And now while having my stand here in college, all that I went through when still a little child until now was what all that I’ve got to work, play, live and exist as a leader, not just to other people but into dominion of my ownself.

Recently, I have been affiliated to particular clubs having significant in Ateneo, that not only to test my learning and experiences but also to evaluate myself. This challenges me a lot since I know that elementary and high school environment is very different with college.

Thus because of this transition and challenge that I got, I’ve came to think that having leadership is different from having power. And true and good leaders are not born with the greatest power.

Leadership is a process wherein you get into control of your members’ behaviors directing them to achieve the goal of the group while Power is a then the need of controlling other people without even taking into consideration their needs especially in achieving goals.

A good leader is taking into mind the need of others than his own need. A good leader expresses his ideas based on the members and not to his own interest and benefit.

One thought on “Leaders are not born with the greatest power.

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