Secrets of Money-Savvy Bella!

Budgeting is easy once you get the hang of it. Five smart spending girls share how they regularly follow simple rules to reach their financial goals paycheck after paycheck, month after month. Be in for a surprise as you find out that all it takes is a little effort and discipline to look forward to … Continue reading Secrets of Money-Savvy Bella!

5th Aguipo and Marketenista Awards Thanksgiving Remarks

Every story has its own ending. Definitely days from now, the story of Ateneo Marketing Club School Year 2012 – 2013 has come to its ending. The story is long, yet emphatically this story is something that I, the officers, the members, the faculty and staff, the Ateneo community, and all of you who are … Continue reading 5th Aguipo and Marketenista Awards Thanksgiving Remarks

Alternative Sleep Cycles: You Don’t Really Need 6-8 Hours!

Most people only think that there is one way to sleep: Go to sleep at night for 6-8 hours, wake up in the morning, stay awake for 16-18 hours and then repeat. Actually, that is called a monophasic sleep cycle, which is only 1 of 5 major sleep cycles that have been used successfully throughout history. The other 4 are considered polyphasic sleep cycles due to the multiple number of naps they require each day. How is this possible? How is this healthy?