Where am I leading?


Maybe I should not allow myself for this to happen again. Whenever I almost lose out myself, I hurriedly go to a coffeeshop have a coffee or a cupcake and write a blog to relieve myself. This ain’t a good way of life, isn’t it? But perhaps, I just needed some motivation to write again.

6 days after my 21st birthday, after the 4 days saved trip celebrating 2nd year anniversary in Cebu and Bohol, I felt an entire longing. Where did that come from?

The 4 days trip brought something from the past and it continuously knocking me to open something to myself. It was the dream to travel and see the world. It was a dream that opened my eyes about the reality of my place in this time of my life. I am 21 and I am stuck in something that I didn’t really want to progress at.

I am stuck in the question, “where am I leading?” After school, sales work, rest, seeking medical path, sales work in other place and now, am I really taking the right path? It is a question that many of us can hardly find the correct answer.

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