What happened in More Than 5 Sick days?

Who’s the student that wouldn’t be very happy for being out from classes for 5 days and be excused from all the errands? But who’s the person who’d be glad of being out for 5 days because of being terribly sick? Definitely, no one.

Since last Saturday Jan 26, I don’t have any idea that my week would be sickly and painful.

At the evening of Friday I felt so cold while sleeping until woke up early morning of Saturday to attend my make-up. Something’s wrong with me. I felt intense stomach pain that made me came into class very late. Right after class, I immediately went home because of some unidentified feeling. I slept with heavy head and warm feeling. Slept so long and I woke up midday. I knew I had fever. I drank my medicine – paracetamol. I even went out to the mall to buy food and return immediately. I felt so unwell. I ate, watched movie as if I was normal disregarding the sick feeling.

When I was sleeping, I was chilling many times. Switched off the fan and close.the windows yet I remained chilling.

Sunday morning. I was shocked when I saw red spots on both arms and chest part. I said in my mind, “Lord, this is not dengue.” I immediately texted my mama about my condition. My fever was higher now. I and my cousin went to the hospital to have my check up. I took my CBC test hoping for normal counts. Everything is normal except for White Blood Cells and its components who are High and Low in number.

Upon entering the ER, the nurse told me to wear a mask.

Sunday Findings:
Referring to my rashes, it’s not measles because measles are for children. It’s not even german measles because rashes form are different with G.Measles. Definitely it’s viral exanthem as they checked any white spots inside my mouth, there’s none, but I have lymphnode. I told the doctor with regards to series of sick incidences I and my classmates went through. She actually suspected some air-borne virus which affected me and made me sick. Worst, she advised me to be absent for 5 days and isolate myself that others may not also be affected. My sickness is contagious and it’s more contagious when I’m already recovering from it.

I decided to go home to rest because I know that I will never be okay alone in my boarding house. Only that I have hesitations that I may get my family be affected by my sickness.

Monday Morning I went home. The anticipation to rest properly was there when I jump off to the terminal around 11 am and arrived home almost 7pm.

Worst, my rashes went all over my body from head to toe and it’s so red like little blood clots everywhere. My fever went high and my sore throat, cough and colds went worst. I even release phlegm with blood that made me worried too much. I felt so restless, tired and I wanted to end my die.


Tuesday morning, with feeling of hopes, we went to the hospital to have my follow-up CBC test to check my blood count and further findings for possible complications or just recovery.

CBC Test 2: All blood components are in normal ranges. However my platelet count went down from 202 last sunday to 155. It’s still within the normal range from 150 – 400 but the doctor got worried because it’s already within the borderline so I need to have next CBC test to know if it will still go down.

The doctor advised to have my xray to check lung complications.

Xray result arrived Tuesday dusk.

There are no active lung infiltrates.
Heart is not enlarged.
Diaphragm and costophrenic sinuses are intact.
The bony thorax is unremarkable.

Impression: Essentially normal chest findings

Wednesday afternoon, we went back to the hospital to have again my check-up, I was diagnosed of Acute Tonsillopharyngitis.

Here’s how plenty the meds I need to take.

I felt better except for the severe sore throat that kept me eat and drink painfully.

Thursday until Sunday was isolation and recovery period that I may not affect anyone in the home. Thank God I’m better now. Thank God for the renewed health.


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