The Journey of the Homeless Children

In this contemporary world, most of us had become more aware of how we can upgrade our lives with every technology that comes in  the market. We even bother ourselves with what clothes we wear because people will criticize us if we don’t wear right (speaking on the fab of time). We become choosy and demanding on what cuisine or taste should we have for any meal. We move fast. We keep on moving forward that we can’t see anymore the people around us.

In this contemporary world, as we look behind, as we pause for sometime and take an initiative to step backward, we can see how far we have reached. At the same time, we can see how other people, especially the children strive hard to reach the least that we have become.

We cannot deny the fact as walked on to the streets, there will always be barefooted children that will come near to you and beg for many. Anywhere in the country, they are there. Isn’t it alarming, is it? These children are supposed to be walking to school to learn yet here they are playing along the streets waiting for people to give them food out of generosity.

Some of us had become so complaining why we leave so far from our schools or offices. Some of us bawl out because we don’t have thick beds that will make us feel so comfortable. Some of us even ask for something  like the things that we want, more than what we need, because others have more of what we got.

But do we not realize that our problems had become dreams of other people? The homeless children don’t even bother anymore of how far or near a place is because they just need to find the right spot where they sleep for a night. They wish for even pillows and blankets. They wish for shelter. They dream for food. They hope to have the basic needs we get.  They wish for home to rest and live life.

Let us make this world a better place to live not only for our own. Let’s make this world a better place to live for everybody. We will not lose our lives if we share a bit of the more that we got. There is no harm if we partake the some of our many for them. They dream of a need. We dream of a want. Hence, let’s make to happen to fulfill a child’s dream of a need by means of simple sharing.

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