Relentless Invader of Silence: ANGER

Angry Little Child


Among the seven (7) capital sins, anger is one of them. As humans, we are capable of getting angry especially when things go beyond our personal limits. Every time a person, a thing stepped into our barefoot and wounded it, it will be difficult to resist ourselves from getting angry. We are free to express our anger. We are free to tell the world how much we are mad at something. Anger is the kind of feeling wherein we are deafen by the noise it creates in our soul. Even when we close our eyes, close our ears, divert our attention, still the noise is too loud. It is deafening.

God, Himself, had once got angry during his humane living. He even brace the people to get out from the house of His Father. He threw all the things that are displayed in the “market” giving due righteousness to the Holy Temple. In a sense, we can also be angry. We can be mad. We can also feel ‘discomfort’ because we are just human.
DISCOMFORT. Yes. It is a discomfort for me. I am the person who’d rather choose to keep my anger by myself and burst it inside my soul. Even there is freedom to be angry, I even desired to isolate that anger within my own cave. It is a discomfort, for it bothers me every now and then. It doesn’t make me work from time to time.
Moreover, I am the person who never tolerates. I am the one who maybe considerate at some point, but always leans on the idea of learning. Even on the point of learning through cruelty because “sometimes, we need to be cruel for us to be kind.” CRUELTY. You maybe sarcastic. You maybe a challenger-deliverer. You may act “like” a boss, which is different from being the boss. You may confront. You may ask. You may imposed or you just have to keep silent, do nothing and allow things to flow with your absence. I’d always wanted for people to learn from all the experiences that they have regardless if it’s good or bad. I desire to help people learn just as how I learned to understand a bit of life’s perplexities. I always make it to a note that a person has the right to know his failure, his mistake, his inefficiencies for him to know that he has something to improve, to learn and to grow. For life is not constant, we are growing because we need to grow.

ANGER, on its positive side, stands as one of my motivators for me to help out individuals from their mistakes in the schemes of cruelty. I don’t want to get mad. I even hate it. I don’t know how to yell out my angry feeling. I am vulnerable when I deal with anger. Anger is something that I don’t invite to visit me, however, anger is a relentless invader of my own silence. It’s the back view of peace of mind, It’s the inversion of serenity. It’s the upside down of calmness. It is something I don’t welcome. But through Christ, it becomes something that I will embrace. It is through anger that help me find God’s control over me. It’s something that I think God used also for me to learn. Learn that sometimes, you need to step outside your comfort zone, feel the discomfort, take the sacrifice, accept the challenge, if your heart really desires for others to grow like you do.
Anger itself is part of human nature. Everybody gets angry. Everybody needs to be angry. Mistakes of everybody are always present. Your own mistake too is one even mine, hers, his, their mistakes are also numbered. It is a discomfort. It is deafening. It is the thing that we don’t wanted. But it is the thing that we will for sure must encompass if we want others to grow. If it’s the back view, the inverse, the upside down of silence then drag it to your front, flip it, or rotate it clockwise. Draw strength from it. Because not all people are capable of kind consideration. They needed more than that, the harsher one – The kindness through cruelty. But do not forget and always see to it to refrain from dealing to much anger where you will already be stepping to other’s barefoot.
Be not vulnerable, but vigilant and firm.

Be not tolerating, but considerate for learning.

Be not cruel for just plain cruelty, but be cruel for you to be kind.
When you are angry, do not sin, and be sure to stop being angry before the end of the day. Do not give the devil a way to defeat you.

– Ephesians 4: 26-27

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